Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another Brilliant Crooner

Mayer Hawthorne

Just two years ago, Michigan native Mayer Hawthorne came out of nowhere with his debut album, A Strange Arrangement, a blue-eyed soul rendering that called upon the expressive spirit of the 1960s and paid homage to Motown’s golden era. That recording, and a subsequent covers EP, revealed Hawthorne’s infatuation with the musical past, blending the feel-good efficiency of yesteryear with a modern sound. It also provided another glimpse into the retro feel made popular by artists like Hawthorne, Raphael Saadiq and Cee-Lo. But unlike Saadiq and Cee-Lo, who are both black, Hawthorne is a white guy making greasy soul music. By societal norms, that doesn’t happen very often. Maybe that punctuates Hawthorne’s novelty as a viable performer. Or maybe he’s just that natural.

The world’s least likely pop star, Soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne, is back with fresh vid for his ode to his fave alcohol, ‘Henny & Gingerale.’ Fairly stock video, of the badass party in my faux backgarden variety, but it works well enough. 

After receiving critical acclaim for his album, How Do You Do, in October, Mayer Hawthorne is back with the latest video single off the aforementioned project. On Henny & Gingerale, Hawthorne himself provides the laid back, synth based production which doesn’t veer away from his perpetual retro style. Lyrically, the Los Angeles based singer voices a repetitive but catchy hook that could very well still be in your head hours after the first listen. In the video, Hawthorne is at a party where everyone is drinking no shortage of…well…do I even have to say it? For more music to drink to be sure to check out Hawthorne’s latest album, How Do You Do, available for purchase now.

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